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Looking for Signs of Intelligence in Handwriting

signs of intelligence in handwriting

Graphology is the study of handwriting (as opposed to handwriting analysis). A study that identifies people’s personality traits and their human nature based on several handwriting factors. Things like:

  • Style
  • Structure
  • Size
  • Layout’
  • And legibility

An insight into someone’s handwriting can also provide insight into their personality.

Can We Determine Signs of Intelligence in Handwriting?

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Handwriting is useful for gaining a deeper understanding of an individual in multiple ways. You can gauge things like:

  • Whether or not someone is outgoing or introverted.
  • See if someone is meticulous or messy.
  • Handwriting may even determine the level of intelligence in a person.

Again, analyzing handwriting can offer a lot of information about someone. Based on proven research, it is possible to identify over 5,000 personality traits by observing handwriting.

And there are more than 100 features to studying handwriting and its formation.

Some of the most common features scrutinized are the height, width, and size of letters. Also, whether the strokes connect or not. And if there are any embellishments to the writing.

Overall, these visual cues can also be indicative of an individual’s level of intelligence too.

How are Untidy Handwriting and Intelligence Linked?

Untidy and messy handwriting is a nuisance to read. Difficult to follow if you are writing up notes, and also a struggle for teachers to mark.

Dysgraphia, a term describing poor spelling and handwriting, often identified at school, is commonly linked to a lack of intelligence. But on the contrary, untidy handwriting can actually suggest above-average intelligence. This is despite academic deficits in other areas.

What does a young people’s handwriting not being perfectly straight and perceived as tidy mean? Well, this often reflects someone of an introverted nature. Many introverted people tend to enjoy studying. These individuals are often prone to deep thinking, and reflection – which all link to a more educated and intelligent mind.

Furthermore, messy handwriting can convey many other personality traits and skills such as individualism and fast thinking: those that are more concerned with getting pen to paper and their ideas down on the page as opposed to the legibility of their handwriting often have an excessive amount of thoughts and ideas.

Of course, untidy handwriting can also reveal other features such as someone that carries emotional baggage and potentially low self-esteem. Personality traits and levels of IQ (intelligence quotient) all vary so different factors need consideration.

Thinking Styles and Intelligence

Many famous people’s writing, including Albert Einstein, have studies linking handwriting and intelligence. And although Einstein did not adopt this feature in his writing, a renowned sign of genius handwriting is known as ‘Methodically Uneven’. Those that adopt traits such as creative thinking and true originality tend to write disorderly, and the writing may even appear scrawly and in different sizes. Again, this reconfirms that untidy handwriting can potentially convey intelligence.

So do creative people think they have bad handwriting, or is it actually poor handwriting, like many of these celebrities with notoriously messy writing!?

It’s hard to say.

But what about signs of intelligence in the handwriting of children?

Interestingly, it is even possible to understand the thinking style of a child, young person, and adolescent by analyzing their handwriting.

One particular type of thinking recognized through handwriting is ‘Cumulative Thinking’. Individuals that curve and round their ‘m’s’ and ‘n’s’, tend to take longer to take in new information yet once this information has been absorbed they can then often retain it for longer than other thinking styles.

Plus, if certain consonants such as ‘h’, ‘m’, ‘n’, or ‘r’ form in a rounded way, this often highlights that someone might have a slow and soft temperament.

Moreover, curved letters also highlight creativity and those that display ‘Cumulative Thinking’ through their writing often learn more through hands-on and practical experiences.

On the other hand, ”Comprehensive Thinkers’ use distinguishable sharp and pointed letters – particularly ‘m’s’ and ‘n’s”. This type of writing is suggestive of both fast thinkers and talkers, they can make swift decisions; plus, they might also have the tendency to become bored quickly.

Showing an intellectual side and signs of intelligence in handwriting, those that write with a style that stems from ‘Comprehensive Thinking’ are often speculative, they think out things well, and they also evaluate plans.

Identifying Intelligence in Handwriting

From cursive to disjointed handwriting and rounded to pointed letters there are many ways to recognize an individual’s intelligence and personality traits simply by analyzing and recognizing repetition and key features of their writing.

Importantly, messy letters are a sure way to reveal handwriting intelligence and a high IQ despite how the writing is presented.

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