Cursive Writing Style: Exploring Types of Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is a style of writing where all the letters in a word connect. The interconnection gives a piece of writing a beautiful pattern that is pleasant to the eye. 

We shall be looking at this writing and how one can discover their cursive writing style.

Cursive was a common writing practice for decades and is now only popular used when signing a name.

Types of Cursive Writing

There are different types of cursive writing styles. They include;

New American Cursive

Source: New American Cursive

New American cursive is a relatively easy style to teach. Often an entry-level cursive writing course. All the letters are written slanting a bit to the right. The type is simple since complicated strokes are not included in writing. It is not as taxing as other cursive styles when it comes to left-handed people and children.

D’Nealian Handwriting

In this cursive writing, the hooks on the tails of every letter connect to the next tail of another letter. To learn this cursive form, one must go through D’Nelian manuscript to master it since it is the basis of the cursive writing. In this type, the writer writes continuously without lifting the pen to obtain non-stop strokes.

Zane-Bloser Cursive Writing

The cursive handwriting contains letters that slant to the right with hooks similar to those of D’Nealian’s letter structure. It also has capital letters that are simplified. This is the style many of us grew up on in grade school and cut our teeth learning to write our name with Zane-Bloser.

Hand Writing Without Tears

Hand writing without tears is cursive writing designed to make letters clear with the least continuous flow strokes. This style is more for teaching children basic cursive writing and reading. It is almost like typed letters, meaning great clarity and letter recognition.

Discovering Your Cursive Handwriting Style

To discover your cursive handwriting style, ensure to do the following; Explore all the above methods of cursive writing

  • Explore all the above methods of cursive writing
  • Practice writing each cursive style
  • Compare all the writings with original cursive style handwriting
  • Make an observation on which one matches the cursive style sample
  • Decide whether cursive handwriting is right for you (or your children)
  • Start practicing on that particular style until you become perfect in it

Developing cursive writing is an art that one can learn like you can learn drawing, pottery, and calligraphy. It all needs interest and focus. Be sure to check out our other resources to learn more!

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