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Cursive Writing for Beginners (A Step by Step Intro)

cursive writing for beginners

Cursive Writing.

No other activity stimulates the brain the way writing does. Despite the prevalence of tweets, emails, and texts, writing is still a very powerful tool for learning.

In particular, cursive helps students to be better prepared for reading while also enhancing their writing fluency and composition.

cursive writing for beginners

But with fewer schools teaching this form of handwriting (some even eliminate all kinds of penmanship courses), and with our increased dependence on typing using keyboards, it’s understandable why there aren’t enough resources to learn this art.

This is why we’ve compiled hacks that can help you master cursive writing.

Cursive Writing for Beginners

Use letter guides

Although it’s better to hire someone to teach you, letter guides are just as good if you don’t have enough time for one-on-one sessions with a tutor. Look for a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions on how to pen each letter. 

In fact, a good book is one that details how to write both the lowercase and uppercase cursive letters. If you’re not sure of which book to go for, seek recommendations from your instructor or teacher. 

Practice one letter at a time

The secret to mastering this writing technique is to exercise patience. In other words, you shouldn’t rush to learn all the cursive letters within an hour or a day.

Chances are, you won’t learn the right form for writing, not to mention, you might get frustrated and give up entirely.

Instead, you should take baby steps; hence start with those letters that are very easy to write. For instance, you can start by learning how to write “a” and “c”.

After perfecting how to create these two, look for letters that follow similar patterns- such as “d”, “q” and “g” and practice on these. Other simple-to-write cursive letters are “i”, “e” and “l”.

Only after being proficient in lowercase letters can you proceed to the uppercase letters. And even then, you should begin with uppercase letters that are easy to craft. 

Form words

After you’ve known the cursive alphabet, you can start forming words by joining letters. Still, you should take small steps in this process. 

By that, I mean that you start by forming two or three-letter words such as “be”, “in”, “of” and more. Next, challenge yourself to create four-letter words and so on. You can then practice writing your name or common phrases, especially those with fewer letters. 

Have a routine

As with any other activity, learning cursive writing requires dedication on your part. Cursive writing for beginners has to start with consistency.

This means coming up with a practice schedule. Set aside 20-30 minutes every day to do cursive. You can do this in the morning, right before you head to work or school. Or, it can be part of your evening routine. 

To make this learning process interesting, you can try writing sentences from song lyrics or phrases from your favorite books and films. 


Learning to write in cursive is not that difficult. Once you get a good understanding of the cursive alphabet, it won’t take long before you master this form of writing.

The important thing is that you take gradual steps: start with lowercase then uppercase letters. Next, start forming two or three-letter words before you begin writing full sentences. 

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