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About Us
  • Welcome to MyCursive!

We’re 100% devoted to two things: Helping you either learn cursive writing or helping you teach cursive writing to your children and students. We do that through:


So, who owns MyCursive?

My name is Connie, and my husband and I made this site before our son could even walk — let alone write!!

Don’t worry, he now knows how to write and read cursive writing. So if you see a blog post on this site, I either wrote it or read it before publishing. If you see hands in a video showing how to write a certain letter — either on or on our YouTube channel — that’s me, too.

So, who am I (Connie)?

I’m a graduate of Indiana State University, a homeschool mom, and a cursive writing teaching enthusiast.

Some of the favorite content I’ve done includes:


And if you have any other questions, you can reach out on our Contact Us page, right here :).

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