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Everything you need to teach cursive — teaching plans, videos, and worksheets

No More Piecing Together Your Cursive Writing Curriculum

You want your kids to learn cursive, or your state requires you to teach it in the classroom. The problem? There’s really no set curriculum to teach cursive, from beginning to end. Sure, there are workbooks and a handful of sites with information, but that leaves you having to:


  • Find worksheets (or create them yourself)
  • Figure out the best way to show kids how to write each letter (not easy to do, especially if you have one or more e-learning days every week.
  • Put together your own teaching plan to ensure your students actually learn how to write in cursive
  • Find a way to actually test their new skill


Then, there’s worrying about sending your kids to different websites to see video tutorials and download their worksheets.

MyCursive's Full Cursive Curriculum

MyCursive’s curriculum includes everything you need to teach cursive writing in the classroom (or via e-learning, or at home. All the worksheets, videos, and three different teaching plans to best fit the needs of your students.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

3 Teaching Plans

One semester and two semester plans to help you fit cursive into the school year.

138 Carefully-Crafted Worksheets

All the work batched into four "phases" from individual letters, connectors, word, and sentence practice.

Access to Dozens of Video Tutorials

Send students to a secure, private Vimeo video page. Or download the videos yourself.

3 Skills Tests to Evaluate Students

Finish the cursive curriculum by teaching students to write their signature, a thank you note, and a short letter.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Phase One: Individual Letter Practice

There are 26 worksheets and 26 corresponding videos showing students how to write each letter of the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) in cursive.

Phase Two: Common Connectors

Here you’ll find 36 of the most common connecting letter pairs in cursive writing. This phase includes 18 worksheets and corresponding videos (two connecting pairs per worksheet and video).

Phase Three: Word and Simple Sentence Practice

Now that students know the basics of cursive, it’s time to write out words and simple sentences for each letter of the alphabet. This phase includes 26 different worksheets with words and sentences for each letter.

Phase Four: Testing Cursive Skills

Also included in the curriculum are three separate cursive writing skill tests. Students will learn to sign their name, write a thank you note, and even write a short letter to really show off their new cursive writing skill.


Videos + Worksheets

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We’ve worked hard to create the most comprehensive cursive writing curriculum available. But if you’re not satisfied with the material, there is a 30-day guarantee. Reach out to us within 30-days of your purchase and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked. (Our full refund policy)

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MyCursive is the most trusted site devoted to the topic of cursive writing. With a devotion to helping parents and teachers give their learners the ability to write in cursive.

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Everything You Need to Teach Cursive Writing — For Your Entire Teaching Career

Plan to teach all of your children cursive at home? We’ve got you covered.

Want to teach hundreds of students over the course of your primary education career? We have that, too.

MyCursive has developed our curriculum in two ways. One is a course for parents to allow their children to learn cursive in a step-by-step, guided format. It includes every bit of the same worksheets and videos, just in the form of an online course.

Then, there is the teacher’s curriculum. All of the worksheets, organized by phase. Access to all videos, either to send the private Vimeo links to your students or download the videos for yourself. And the three teaching plans.

Again, both the in-home course and teacher’s curriculum are lifetime offers!


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