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Learn to Write Thank You in Cursive

thank you in cursive

Giving thanks is such a great idea. Sometimes, people do something so extra in your life that you feel like giving them a written expression of your gratitude. And writing thank you in cursive just makes it that much more special.

Maybe it’s after your wedding, and you want to send a note to your guests who gave you gifts. Or, it could be the end of the school year, and you want to thank that teacher who made the difference.

Giving someone a cursive thank you card seems special, thoughtful, and personal. But there’s a problem…how do you write thanks in cursive (or “thank you”)?

Write Thank You in Cursive

1. Choose your font

First things first, pick a good cursive font. Spencerian, super fancy writing style is good for a formal note but is difficult to learn quickly. Here at MyCursive, we have an easy font that looks great on the written page for beginners.

You don’t even have to write by hand! You can use our generator, type “Thank You” and it’ll automatically turn it into our font!

Another popular option is to write your note in modern calligraphy. Of course, be careful to practice so your personal message:

  • Looks great!
  • You have a heavy-weight paper or card stock (to hold the ink and not leak through).
  • Your writing fits the card size or paper you’re using.

Bonus tip: Make sure to wait until the ink dries thoroughly. For instance, if you’re sending/giving the card with envelope—you don’t want smudges and stains. 

2. Practice all of the letters individually

Once you have the style down, it’s time to get writing! YouTube is full of tutorials for just about any cursive font and letter imaginable. If you’re not up for the hyperlink trip, we have a resource for practicing every cursive letter. We call it the alphabet hub.

3. Use a worksheet

The next step is to use or create a worksheet to write the words “Thank You” in cursive. You don’t need anything too fancy, a piece of paper will work, but a worksheet is great for showing how to connect each of the letters in both words.

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