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Wednesday in Cursive (Copy/paste or write it!)

Wednesday in cursive

Midweek, we find “Wednesday,” a word that’s as intricate as its spelling. In cursive, it gives a whole new beautiful perspective on Hump Day. Let’s cover how to write Wednesday in Cursive. Use our worksheet to practice, or just swipe our free images below :).

How to Write Wednesday in Cursive

Writing the word “Wednesday” in cursive involves a smooth connection of each letter, allowing for a flowing script. Here’s a step-by-step guide to writing “Wednesday” in cursive:

  1. W: Begin with the uppercase “W”. Start from the baseline and create a loop that goes slightly above the midline and then back down to the baseline. Make another smaller loop that goes up to the midline and back down again. Finally, make a third loop, similar to the first one, that rises slightly above the midline and returns to the baseline, preparing to connect to the next letter.
  2. e: From the ending point of the “W”, start the lowercase “e” by making a loop that rises just above the midline and then comes back down to the baseline.
  3. d: Connect from the “e” at the baseline. Make a tall loop that goes well above the midline, then come down and curve slightly to the left, almost touching the baseline. Then, curve back upwards to make a smaller loop touching the midline and curve down again.
  4. n: Start the “n” by making an upward motion from where the “d” ended. Then, go up above the midline, and make a curve that touches the midline and goes down to the baseline in preparation for the next letter.
  5. e: Connect from the “n”, make a loop that goes slightly above the midline and comes back down to the baseline.
  6. s: Starting from where the “e” ended, make a tiny loop at the baseline, then curve to the right to make a more prominent loop resembling a backward “s”. Loop back up to the midline.
  7. d: Connect from the “s”. Start with a tall loop going up above the midline, then come down and curve slightly to the left. From there, curve back upwards to touch the midline and make another curve that goes down to the baseline.
  8. a: Connect from the “d” at the baseline. Go up to make a small curve, then come back down, almost touching the baseline. Curve back upwards and then down to create a loop similar to the “d” but without the tall stem.
  9. y: From the end of the “a”, make a curve that goes below the baseline and then curves up to the right, resembling a hook. The tail of the “y” should dip below the baseline.

Practicing each letter individually and then working on connecting them helps in mastering cursive writing. Over time, with practice, writing “Wednesday” in cursive will become more natural. If you are a visual learner, it would also be beneficial to watch videos or see images of the word “Wednesday” written in cursive.

Free Wednesday Worksheet

Wednesday in cursive

Curisve Wednesday Printables

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