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Thursday in Cursive (Copy/paste or write it!)

Thursday in cursive

How to Write Thursday in Cursive

As the week winds down, “Thursday” provides an opportunity to practice extended curves and connections. Delve into the world of cursive writing with me as we beautifully craft this day of the week.

Certainly! Writing “Thursday” in cursive involves connecting each letter smoothly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write “Thursday” in cursive:

  1. T: Begin with the uppercase “T”. Start with a small upward curve from the baseline, then curve it down and back up, forming a big loop. At the top of this loop, draw a horizontal line from left to right to create the top of the “T”. From the bottom of the loop, move to the right slightly to connect to the next letter.
  2. h: Begin the lowercase “h” by connecting from the “T”. Start by drawing an upward motion that goes well above the midline. Then, come down to the baseline, curve up towards the midline, and come back down to the baseline in preparation for the next letter.
  3. u: The “u” connects from the “h” by drawing a small upward curve that then goes down in a gentle curve almost touching the baseline, then curves back up to the midline. Now, curve it back down towards the baseline to connect to the next letter.
  4. r: Begin the “r” from where the “u” ends. Go up slightly from the baseline and then make a downward curve that touches the baseline and curves back up, but not as high as the midline, preparing for the next letter.
  5. s: Start the “s” from where the “r” ended. Create a tiny loop that starts at the baseline, curves slightly to the left, and then goes to the right, forming a loop that should resemble a backward “s”. Then, loop it back up towards the midline.
  6. d: Connect from the “s”. Start with an upward loop that goes well above the midline, then come down and curve slightly to the left, almost touching the baseline. Then, curve back upwards and make a loop that touches the midline and comes down again, ready for the next letter.
  7. a: Begin the “a” by connecting from the “d”. Start by going up to make a small curve, then come back down almost touching the baseline. Curve upwards and then down again to create a loop similar to the one in the “d” but without the tall stem.
  8. y: Start the “y” from the bottom of the “a”, making a curve that descends below the baseline and then curves up and to the right, resembling a hook. The tail of the “y” should dip below the baseline.

To master “Thursday” in cursive, practicing individual letters and then working on connecting them is essential. As you practice, the flow will become smoother and writing “Thursday” in cursive will become second nature. For visual learners, watching videos or referencing images of “Thursday” in cursive can be particularly helpful.

Thursday Worksheet

Thursday in cursive

Thursday Printables

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