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Friday in Cursive (Copy/paste or write it!)

Friday in cursive

How to Write Friday in Cursive

Ah, “Friday”—a word that many cherish! In cursive, it’s a symphony of elegant loops and turns. Come along as we unravel the finesse of writing this beloved weekday.

Writing “Friday” in cursive involves flowing connections between each letter. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write “Friday” in cursive:

  1. F: Begin with the uppercase “F”. Start with a slight curve upward from the baseline, then form a loop by going down below the baseline and curving back up to the midline. From the midline, make a curve that reaches back towards the beginning of the “F” but doesn’t connect. This forms the top part of the “F”. From the center of the “F”, draw a smaller curve towards the right for the middle part of the “F”. Finish by moving slightly down and to the right, preparing to connect to the next letter.
  2. r: Connect from where the “F” ended. Start by going slightly upward from the baseline, then make a downward curve that touches the baseline and curves back up, but not as high as the midline, preparing to connect to the next letter.
  3. i: Begin the lowercase “i” by drawing a small upward curve connected from the “r”, and then go straight up to just above the midline. Bring the line down to the baseline. Add a small dot above the top portion of the “i”, and make a slight curve to the right in preparation for the next letter.
  4. d: Connect from the “i”. Start by making an upward curve that goes well above the midline, then come down and curve slightly to the left, almost touching the baseline. Curve back upwards to touch the midline and then make another curve that descends to the baseline on practice paper, preparing for the next letter.
  5. a: Begin the “a” by connecting from the “d”. Start by curving up slightly, then curve down to almost touch the baseline. Curve back upwards and then down again to create a loop similar to the one in the “d” but without the tall stem.
  6. y: Start the “y” from the bottom of the “a”, making a curve that goes down below the baseline and then curves up to the right, resembling a hook. The tail of the “y” should dip well below the baseline.

As with all cursive writing, practice makes perfect. Initially, work on individual letters to get comfortable with their shapes and then practice connecting them. Over time, your hand will get accustomed to the flow, and writing “Friday” in cursive will become intuitive. If you’re a visual learner, looking at videos or images of “Friday” written in cursive could be a beneficial reference.

Friday Worksheet

Friday in cursive

Friday Printables

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