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Tuesday in Cursive (Copy/paste or write it!)

Tuesday in cursive

How to Write Tuesday in Cursive

Cursive writing is a dance of the hand, and “Tuesday” brings a rhythmic pattern to the table. In this resource, we’ll show you how to write Tuesday in Cursive, give you a couple of images to swipe, and we have a free worksheet for you to practice!

Now, let’s dive into the upward swoops and graceful loops of this word as we dissect each letter’s movement in today’s guide.

Writing the word “Tuesday” in cursive handwriting involves smoothly connecting each letter in a flowing manner. Here’s a step-by-step description of how to write “Tuesday” in cursive:

  1. T: Begin with the uppercase “T”. Start with a small upward curve from the baseline, then curve it down and back up, resembling a big loop. At the top of this loop, draw a horizontal line from left to right to create the top of the “T”. From the bottom of the loop, make a slight curve to the right in preparation to connect to the next letter.
  2. u: Begin the lowercase “u” by making a small upward curve that connects from the “T”, then go down in a slight curve that almost touches the baseline and curve it back up to the midline. Then, curve it back down towards the baseline.
  3. e: The “e” starts from the baseline where the “u” ends. Draw a small loop that goes above the midline and then curves back down to the baseline.
  4. s: Starting where the “e” ends, draw the cursive “s” by making a tiny loop that starts at the baseline, curves slightly to the left, and then goes to the right, making a more prominent loop that should resemble a backward “s”. Then, loop back up to the midline.
  5. d: The “d” letter connects from the “s”. Start by drawing an upward loop that starts from the midline, then goes straight up above the midline, and comes back down, curving slightly to the left and then down again almost touching the baseline. From there, curve back up and make a loop that touches the midline and comes down again.
  6. a: The “a” connects from where the “d” ends at the baseline. Go up to make a small curve, then come back down almost touching the baseline again. Curve upwards and then down to create a loop, similar to the “d” but without the tall stem.
  7. y: Write a cursive “y” from the bottom of the “a”, make a curve that goes down below the baseline, and then curves up and to the right, resembling a hook. The “y” should have a tail that dips below the baseline.

Practice is key when learning cursive handwriting. Start by practicing each letter individually and then work on connecting them. Over time, the movements will become more fluid, and writing “Tuesday” in cursive will feel natural. If you’re a visual learner, it might also help to look up videos or images of the word “Tuesday” being written in cursive.

Tuesday Practice Worksheet

Tuesday in cursive

Tuesday Printables

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