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March in Cursive [Worksheet and Printables]

March in cursive

How to Write March in Cursive

With spring’s gentle breezes, “March” in cursive captures a brisk yet flowing motion. Join me as we delve into the harmonious blend of soft curves and dynamic strokes that characterize this month. Ready your pen for a delightful experience.

“March” in cursive brings together a combination of loops and simple curves. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write “March” in cursive:

  1. M: Start with the uppercase “M”. Begin at the baseline, moving upward above the midline. Create a downward curve to the baseline, followed by a smaller upward arc reaching about midline. Descend again to the baseline and then rise above the midline once more. This creates the distinctive triple peak of the “M”. Prepare to connect to the next letter by trailing off slightly at a higher point.
  2. a: Connect from the “M” by curving upward slightly, then descending down to the baseline. Create a loop that goes back up to the midline and then curves down again, forming the body of the “a”.
  3. r: Connect from the “a”. Start by going slightly upward from the baseline, then curve downward to touch the baseline and curve gently back up, but not as high as the midline. This sets up for the connection to the next letter.
  4. c: Begin the “c” by connecting from the “r” with a slight upward curve. At around midline height, curve to the left and then descend in a semi-circle motion, touching the baseline and curving up a little, preparing for the connection to the next letter.
  5. h: Connect from the “c” by moving slightly upwards. Go up above the midline, then curve downward to touch the baseline. From the baseline, create a loop that arcs up halfway between the baseline and midline and then descends down again, giving the distinctive form of the “h”.

For mastering “March” in cursive, practice makes perfect. Start by understanding and practicing each letter individually. Once you’re comfortable, practice connecting them together in sequence. If you’re a visual learner, it might be helpful to look at images or videos showing “March” written in cursive for further clarity.

March Practice Worksheet

March in Cursive

March Printables

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