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April in Cursive [Worksheet and Printables]

April in cursive

How to Write April in Cursive

“April” showers bring forth the beauty of nature and the art of cursive writing. This month’s name provides a wonderful balance between loops and straight lines. Let’s embrace the rainy spirit and dance through each cursive letter together.

Writing “April” in cursive offers a fluid mix of loops and connections. Here’s a step-by-step guide to craft “April” in cursive:

  1. A: Start with the uppercase “A”. Begin at the baseline, curving upward and to the right, peaking slightly above the midline. Now, descend in a smooth line back to the baseline. From the base, draw a gentle curve that moves upward and to the right, resembling a small hill. This sets the stage to connect to the next letter.
  2. p: Connect from the “A” by moving upward from the end of that small hill, and then curving downward past the baseline to form the long downstroke of the “p”. From there, create a loop that arcs back up to the midline and then swings down, touching the baseline and preparing to connect to the next letter.
  3. r: Connect from the “p”. Begin by moving slightly upward from the baseline, then create a downward curve that touches the baseline. Curve back up, but not reaching the midline, to set up for the connection to the next letter.
  4. i: Connect from the “r” by making a slight upward arc and then a straight downward stroke that touches the baseline. Above the midline, put a small dot to represent the dot of the “i”.
  5. l: From the “i”, make a gentle upward curve, then stretch up above the midline and gracefully arc down to the baseline, forming the elongated body of the “l”. This will be the finishing touch to the word “April”.

When learning to write “April” in cursive, practicing each letter separately first can be helpful. Once you get the hang of the individual letters, practice stringing them together smoothly. For a clearer perspective, you might want to consult images or videos showing “April” written in cursive. Happy writing!

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April Practice Worksheet

april in cursive

April Printables

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