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Fancy Handwriting Guide: How to Make Your Writing Fancier!

fancy handwriting

Fancy handwriting is a great way to show your creativity, impress friends — And it can even make you a bit of extra money. Fancy handwriting might be what you need to make your journal entries and letters look gorgeous. It can even be a source of entertainment for you when making notes.

The definition can have some range, depending on who you talk to, but beautiful handwriting could include:

  • Cursive Writing
  • Calligraphy
  • Or just need handwriting in general

The Need for Fancy Handwriting

Some people may not see the need of having fancy handwriting, and to be honest, most don’t need to write like it’s the 1700’s. That said, there can be a need in the world for fancy writing.

In a world of impersonal emails, a handwritten note with stylized writing could give a much needed personal touch. Not to mention; party invitations, handwrittens or the natural drive to want to be better at penmanship.

If you’re interested in improving your writing and having a fancier style, here are our tips.

fancy handwriting

1. Having the right font and letter style

Fancy handwriting starts with good, clean and readable letters. This gives your reader an easy time to go through. It also gives you space to decorate your letter as per your preferred style of decorating your work. One way to do this is to choose the right cursive style for your personality.

What does that mean?

Well, if there’s one tip that’s baked in to every other tip in this guide — it’s practice.

  • Choose a few fonts/types of writing
  • Write down a few letters/words in different sizes
  • Narrow it down and then try writing simple sentences until you feel comfortable with a certain font

2. Spacing your letters properly

If you’re writing in cursive, the spacing will likely not be an issue. However, the fancier your writing the more spacing will matter. For example, if you’re creating a super fancy invitation and want to start with a letter by itself before writing the rest of the word, spacing will really matter here.

Again, there will be a lot of paper used to practice. I would definitely recommend using a simple notebook. Once your writing is closer to where you’d like it, you can move to a nice calligraphy or note paper.

3. Checking the inclination of your pen

The inclination of a pen matters more when it comes to writing great handwriting. One should ensure that they are mindful of the angle their pen is lying at. Choosing the perfect angle will give you the stability that is required for good clear handwriting. it also brings about the ability to write fancy handwriting.

4. Practice constantly

Practicing gives you the ability to write the type of handwriting that is appealing to your eyes and much so to your soul. Many people might give up on the handwriting that they are practicing since it may seem difficult to make. Constant practice will add an added look daily until you are there.

fancy handwriting


“The weight you put on the pen should be consistent, leaving the entire page with an elegant look.”

5. Keeping the slant of your letters consistent

The slant of your handwriting matters more when you want to bring about the fancy in your letters. This gives your letters a uniform look bringing about the fancy in it. When one does not maintain a constant slant it will lead to the poor arrangement of the letters hence distorting the look of the work. This will also distort the fancy that was meant to be archived.

6. Consistent weight

To bring about the elegance that is required the weight that is put on the pen when writing should be consistent throughout the page. This brings bout the neatness and also brings about the fancy that is required. Failure to balance the weight of your work will distort the uniformity that should be archived in the writings.

7. Choose a width reference

Having a width reference of your spacing will bring consistent spacing to the letters you are writing. The consistency helps in bringing about the neatness that is needed for the fancy that is required. This is archived by choosing an item to be a reference when you are writing. This is done when one has the whole time to himself. With consistent practice will finally give you your spacing which will be maintained with ease. Ensure that each letter you are writing reaches the reference for uniformity. One should aim at leaving lots of spaces between one letter and another to bring about the bold look on your letters.

8. Punctuation

To bring about the fancy in writing that is required one should punctuate their work in a way that brings about the desired shape. This should be done in a way that fits the shape of the letters also. matching these two items will add an added elegance in your writing.

9. Maintaining a constant alignment

Aligning your letters is very key to your writing. It builds a pattern you want to adopt in your writing it also helps in choosing the sizing if your letters and the slant of the letters. This will bring the fancy that is required in your writing.

10. Adding more decorations to your letters

In this, you can choose to add some little thin lines on a letter to bring about the uniqueness in it. You should ensure that the lengths of these lines are not long.

One can choose to write in a curved manner but should ensure that the spacing is adhered to. Any other added decoration can be added to add the fancy of the letters provided that it is relevant.


Fancy handwriting is all about practice this should be tried until one makes it. It is a process and also a way of learning.

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