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August in Cursive [Worksheet and Printables]

August in cursive

How to Write August in Cursive

“August” brings with it the warmth of long summer days and the anticipation of fall. Its cursive rendition is a harmonious play of elongated strokes and delicate connections. Let’s embrace the last whispers of summer as we glide through each letter.

“August” in cursive offers a blend of loops and curves that make the word flow beautifully. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write “August” in cursive:

  1. A: Start with the uppercase “A”. Begin at the baseline, curving upward and to the right, peaking slightly above the midline. Then, descend in a smooth line back to the baseline. From the base, draw a gentle curve moving upward and to the right, forming a small hill. This prepares the connection to the next letter.
  2. u: Connect from the “A” by curving upward slightly, then descend in a gentle curve down to the baseline. Gracefully curve it back up to the midline, and then descend again to the baseline, preparing to connect to the next letter.
  3. g: Begin the “g” by moving slightly upwards from where the “u” ended. Create a loop that goes up above the midline and then curves down past the baseline. Below the baseline, draw a loop going to the left and then curving to the right, forming the lower part of the “g”. This will give the “g” its distinctive shape.
  4. u: Connect to the “g” by curving upward slightly, then descend down to the baseline and curve back up to the midline. Bring it back down to the baseline, preparing for the next letter.
  5. s: Start the “s” by connecting from the “u” with an upward curve. Near the midline, curve to the left and then arc down and to the right, forming a small loop. Continue the curve down past the baseline and then curve up and to the left, forming the bottom of the “s”.
  6. t: Connect from the “s” with a short upward curve, then make a tall vertical line that starts above the midline and stretches down to the baseline. Cross the “t” near the top with a horizontal line.

When trying to master “August” in cursive, it can be beneficial to practice each letter individually to grasp their forms and movements. Once you feel comfortable with each character, practice connecting them to create the word seamlessly. For a clearer perspective, you might find it helpful to look at images or videos showing “August” written in cursive.

August Practice Worksheet

August in cursive

August Printables

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