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October in Cursive [Worksheet and Printables]

October in cursive

How to Write October in Cursive

Embracing the heart of autumn, “October” in cursive exudes a festive spirit. Dive deep into the world of flowing letters as we explore the blend of loops and lines that make up this month. Let your pen dance through the season’s change.

The word “October” in cursive brings together a combination of smooth curves and elegant loops. Here’s a step-by-step guide to write “October” in cursive:

  1. O: Begin with the uppercase “O”. Start a little above the midline, drawing a wide loop that curves down to the baseline, arcs to the right and below the baseline, then curves upward, reconnecting where you started. This should form a full loop. As you complete the “O”, curve slightly upward to connect to the next letter.
  2. c: Connect from the “O” by curving slightly upward and then descending to the baseline. Once you reach the baseline, curve back up to the midline, forming the body of the “c”.
  3. t: Connect from the “c” with a short upward curve. Then, create a tall vertical line that starts above the midline and extends down to the baseline. Cross the “t” near the top with a horizontal line.
  4. o: Start by moving slightly upward from where the “t” ended, then create a loop that curves down to the baseline, moves to the right and below the baseline, and then curves back up to the midline, forming the full loop of the “o”.
  5. b: Connect to the “o” by curving upward slightly, and then descend below the baseline to form the body of the “b”. Swing back up and create a loop that extends to the midline and curves back down, touching the baseline.
  6. e: Start by moving slightly upward from the baseline, then curve down to the baseline. Make a loop that swings back up near the midline and then descends in a semi-circle motion.
  7. r: Connect from the “e”. Start by going slightly upward from the baseline, then create a downward curve that touches the baseline. Curve gently back up, but not as high as the midline, finishing the word “October”.

For the best results when learning to write “October” in cursive, consider practicing each letter individually to become familiar with their shapes. Once you’re comfortable with each character, practice stringing them together smoothly. If you benefit from visual aids, looking at images or videos of “October” written in cursive can be very helpful.

October Practice Worksheet

October in cursive

October Printables

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