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Cursive numbers may not be as commonly discussed as cursive letters, but they hold a unique and essential place in penmanship, especially if you’re going for super fancy script.

That said, in typical cursive fonts — cursive numbers don’t look super different.

You may be wondering why it’s important to learn cursive numbers. The answer is simple: the ability to write cursive numbers can help you improve your overall handwriting, making it more uniform and creating harmony between your letters and numerals.

Here at MyCursive, we’ve put together short tutorials for numbers 0-9, with individual number worksheets for each.

Below, you’ll find links to each of those numbers as well as a free downloadable cursive number chart with numbers zero through 1000. Each of the ten tutorials also has free downloadable fonts for each number and you can use our cursive text generator to write just about any larger number you want!

Links to our cursive number tutorials

Cursive Numbers Chart

Click on the image below to download the cursive numbers chart.

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