by Connie

April 23, 2019

If you want take up cursive for increasing the speed of your writing, or just write your name in a different way, you should know that cursive is not as difficult to learn as it might seem at first sight.

Truth be said, it takes some time to find your style, and practice it until your hand gets familiar with it, but in the end you will find the whole process a funny game.

how to write your name in cursive

1. Find a style that fits you

Cursive writing is like the fingerprint of a person, always unique and never identical to someone else’s. This is why, in penmanship there is a lot of types of cursive writing, and approaches to drawing letters in this style.

To begin to write your name in cursive you have to look for cursive alphabets, and choose what fits you best.

Cursive alphabets can feature connected, italic, or looped letters. They can have different slope degree, be more curly, curvy or sharp. Once you have selected your favorite style, copy the letters from your name, and practice them.

2. Use a search engine

Also, you can search right away for your name in cursive on the internet. Enter your “name” plus “cursive”, and you will receive a variety of styles of writing it. Find what represents better your life and personality, and start practicing it.

Here’s a quick tutorial gif showing how to search for a cursive version of your name:

how to write your name in cursive

3. Use a cursive generator

If you want everything done in seconds, use an online letter generator that will help you customize your name written in cursive.

You get the chance to select the style, the color, and the size of the word you enter.

Eventually, the automate generator gives you an image of the name in cursive that you can use to guide yourself after, while practicing your cursive handwriting.

Here’s a quick look at using 1001 Fonts to generate a cursive form of your name (it’s really cool):

How to write your name in cursive

4. Actually learn how to write in cursive

If you want to learn faster how to write your name in cursive style, you should get to know it closer.

Get an insight into cursive script, by becoming familiar with its benefits, and with some professional tips on how to draw and connect the letters correctly.

Besides learning a new way of writing your name, you also get such health benefits, like:

  • improved hand-eye coordination
  • better motor memory.
  • keeping your mind sharp

If your practice gives no results, you can use online trainings for cursive writing, where calligraphy experts will teach you the art.

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