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How to Write Cursive S [Worksheet + Tutorial]

cursive s

Writing S in Cursive

A cursive S is a bit difficult to master. Although both are harder than most to learn, they connect well with other letters unlike capital cursive D and F.

The letter s in cursive usually connects to letter e and letter i in words like:

Cursive s’s also connect to the letter c in many words. Some of these include:

  • scare
  • screen

After you become comfortable with writing the letter s in cursive, practice writing “se”, “si”, and “sc” as well. These are called “joins” and will help you understand how cursive works to form words.

Extra Practice: Write words, like “swing” to improve your skill writing the letter w in cursive.

Writing a Cursive Capital S

As you see in the diagram (above), begin the capital cursive S on the bottom line and take your stroke up to the top line.

From there, make a loop and cross the bottom of the loop through the original line, also bringing your stroke out slightly to the right. Take your stroke back into the left of the letter, making a loop.

Finally, create the famous tail or tag out to the right to either end the letter or connect to your next letter.

Now you can write a capital S in cursive!

Please watch our short tutorial video showing exactly how to write both upper and lowercase.

Writing a Lowercase s in Cursive

Begin your stroke on the bottom line, bringing it up to your midline. Next, take your stroke back down the left side and connect it to the starting point of the letter. Finally, finish your stroke with a tail out to the right to either end the letter or connect to your next letter.

Cursive Letter S Worksheet

Free Worksheet to practice the letter s in both uppercase and lowercase. Click on the image to download the pdf.

cursive letter s
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