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Cursive Letter A (Writing Upper and Lowercase with Video and Practice Sheet)

cursive letter a

Writing the cursive letter a is something that takes practice. There is a technique to properly writing the letter “a” in a way where you will be able to repeat it time and again with muscle memory.

Instructions for Uppercase Cursive Letter A

cursive a

Having the right pen is imperative. Using a pen that leaks ink or creates streaks when you drag your pen will make it all the more difficult to properly make your “a”s when writing. The right pen allows you to focus on your penmanship and not think about excess ink.

Practicing on lined paper is also a key.

This allows you to develop consistency in your sizing so that you consistently create the same letter. Then rotate the page around 45 degrees and use your off hand to hold the paper steady.

Free Cursive Letter A Practice Sheet!

From your starting point, you will create an oval shape that tilts to the right and finish it with a slight drag of the pen. Repeat this to develop consistency in the creation of the letter “a”.

Practice makes perfect and getting those ovals and swoops perfectly done will give you a consistent, beautiful “a”.

Once you’ve practiced it enough, you will be able to create flawless “a”s, both uppercase and lower, with consistency.

Writing a Lowercase Cursive Letter A

Since an uppercase “a” looks the same as the lowercase version, you can simply make your lowercase “a” a bit larger to capitalize it. Writing the letter a in cursive will take some practice, but after a few minutes of trying, it should look the way you like.

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Printable Worksheet for Letter A in Cursive:

Cursive A Worksheet
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