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How to Write Cursive A [Worksheets + Tutorial]

cursive letter a

Our Tutorial for A in Cursive

How to Write Cursive Letter A

Writing a cursive A is something that takes practice. There is a technique to properly writing an a in cursive in a way where you will be able to repeat it time and again with muscle memory.

Capital Cursive A

Begin your capital, or upper case, A by starting at the top of a line on paper. You’ll use a capital A in cursive when you’re beginning a new sentence, or writing a proper noun that begins with a.

As your pen or pencil touches paper, move in a backward curve, almost like drawing a vertical oval, until you reach the bottom of the page.

Next, continuing this slanted oval, begin your pen back to your original mark, touching where you began. It’s important that your line go from oval to more straight toward the end of the letter.

Once your instrument touches where you began, pull down in a fairly straight line (at a slant on the paper). Ensure your line doesn’t trace back the rounded part, but separates from the bottom of your capital a.

Finally, give a little swoop toward the right, ending your letter about quarter of the way up your writing line.

Now you’ve written a capital A in cursive!

NOTE: Some call it a “big A” or a big cursive A, which is the same thing as “uppercase A” or “capital”. So doing this tutorial is the same as writing a big A in cursive.

Lowercase Cursive A

Since a lowercase a looks the same as the capital version, you can simply make your lowercase “a” a bit smaller — following the same instructions, yet only for half of your line on paper.

Writing the letter a in cursive will take some practice, but after a few minutes of trying, it should look the way you like.

Here’s our short video tutorial for a lowercase a:

Printable Worksheet for Letter A, both Capital and Lowercase in Cursive:

Cursive A Worksheet
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