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Zaner-Bloser Cursive: A Review of the Classic Handwriting Technique

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Zaner-Bloser cursive is a popular handwriting method that many students learn in elementary school. This writing style focuses on clear and consistent letter formation, making it a valuable skill for young learners.

Overall, it’s one of the simpler writing styles, similar to our own alphabet.

Is Zaner-Bloser Cursive worth it? Our thoughts.

By mastering Zaner-Bloser cursive, you can improve your overall handwriting and add an elegant touch to written communications.

The Zaner-Bloser handwriting method consists of two distinct sets of letters, one for print writing (also known as manuscript printing) and the other for cursive writing.

While the print letters are written straight up and down, the cursive letters are usually written with a slant. To excel in this writing style, it’s essential to practice the basic strokes, letter formation, and connections between letters that give cursive its unique flow.

As you explore the world of Zaner-Bloser cursive, you’ll come across various resources and instructional materials that can help you hone your skills and make your handwriting more proficient. Practice truly makes perfect when it comes to perfecting your Zaner-Bloser cursive technique. So, grab a pen or pencil, and embark on this journey of self-improvement.

Overview of the Zaner-Bloser Writing System

When it comes to developing handwriting skills, the Zaner-Bloser method is a time-tested approach that has been successful for many generations. You’ll find this carefully designed script that aims to simplify the process of writing by hand with a minimal number of strokes.

In Zaner-Bloser cursive, lowercase letters typically start with an entry stroke from the baseline, except for the letters a, c, d, g, o, and q. The method’s three-step lesson model allows you to incorporate it into your classroom or learning routine in as little as 15 minutes per day.

The main features of this cursive style include:

  • A clear, straight line and circle style hand
  • Lowercase letters with entry strokes
  • Integration into various disciplines

In comparison to other cursive styles like D’Nealian, Zaner-Bloser cursive is known for its distinct starting points for certain letters such as a, c, d, g, q, and o. This unique handwriting method is considered the gold standard in instruction for grades K-6 to develop strong cursive writing skills.

As you learn and practice the Zaner-Bloser cursive style, you’ll benefit from a structured and efficient method that has been proven successful for countless students. Embrace this confident, knowledgeable, and clear approach to handwriting, and over time, your cursive writing will become more natural and fluid.

What is the difference between D Neilian and Zaner-Bloser?

D Neilian and Zaner-Bloser are similar-looking writing styles, but have some differences in terms of materials and the actual style of writing.

We’ve written an entire comparison if you’re trying to choose between these two cursive writing methods.

Exercises and Activities

Practicing Zaner-Bloser cursive handwriting can be engaging and enjoyable with various exercises and activities. Here are a few ideas to make your practice sessions more interesting, productive, and rewarding.

Begin by working on the fundamental strokes that constitute Zaner-Bloser cursive letters. Familiarize yourself with the four basic strokes: undercurve, overcurve, downcurve, and upcurve. Keep practicing these building blocks individually until you feel confident with each of them. Then, start combining them to form entire letters and words.

You can find several practice sheets online tailored to the Zaner-Bloser cursive style. These materials often include grade-level-specific lines to help you understand standard letter proportions and placements. Print them out and practice writing letters, words, and sentences on these sheets.

Incorporate fun and creativity into your practice sessions by trying out different activities. For instance, you can:

  • Write a short letter to a friend or relative using cursive
  • Write a list of your favorite things in cursive
  • Trace over printed cursive examples to master the curves and connections

Zane Bloser for Writers and Communicators

When it comes to improving your handwriting and communication skills, the Zaner-Bloser method provides a system that has stood the test of time. Since its inception in 1904, this teaching script has been helping students become more confident, capable communicators in both manuscript and cursive writing.

As a writer or communicator, you can benefit from the clear structure and techniques employed by the Zaner-Bloser method. One of its most helpful features is the focus on just four foundational strokes necessary to write legibly and confidently. By mastering these strokes, your handwriting will become more uniform, making it easier for others to read and understand your written communication.

Apart from perfecting your penmanship, this method also stresses the importance of proper posture, paper positioning, and pencil grip. These ergonomic principles not only contribute to better handwriting but also aid in avoiding hand and wrist strain during extended writing sessions.

For those seeking additional support, Zaner-Bloser provides print and digital resources, including practice materials and instructional resources for various grade levels. These tools are designed to help you become proficient in manuscript and cursive writing, ensuring that your written communication skills are reliable and consistent.

Zane Bloser Learning Resources

Free Resources

Zaner-Bloser offers a variety of free resources to help you improve your cursive writing skills. These resources include downloadable practice sheets such as spring and winter postcards, Pinterest activities, and practice papers for both manuscript and cursive writing. You can access these materials to refine your handwriting technique at your own pace.

Zaner-Bloser La Escritura

For Spanish speakers, Zaner-Bloser provides “La Escritura”, which is a comprehensive program that integrates traditional penmanship instruction with a focus on Spanish language development. This resource helps you master both cursive and manuscript writing in Spanish. With engaging materials and hands-on practice, you can strengthen your writing skills and enhance your language proficiency simultaneously.

To further support your learning journey, Zaner-Bloser offers, an online platform with additional resources and instructional support. provides access to digital tools, video tutorials, and various activities that cater to different learning styles. By incorporating these resources into your regular practice, you can enhance your understanding and gain confidence in your handwriting abilities.

Bonus resource: This is a great video showing the benefits of this style of cursive writing.

Zaner-Bloser Programs

Grammar Program

The Zaner-Bloser Grammar Program teaches students the foundations of grammar through easy-to-follow instructions and exercises. By incorporating this program into your curriculum, your students will learn how to properly structure sentences, understand parts of speech, and apply grammar rules in their writing. Engaging activities and practice materials help reinforce grammatical concepts, ensuring that your students develop strong grammar skills.

Spelling Program

Zaner-Bloser offers an effective Spelling Program designed to improve students’ spelling abilities. Focusing on patterns and rules, the program enables students to develop their spelling skills in a systematic way. The program includes interactive spelling lessons that introduce new words and their definitions, followed by practical exercises that test each student’s understanding and retention. By using this Spelling Program, your students will gain the necessary confidence and competence to excel in spelling.

Vocabulary Program

A robust Vocabulary Program is also available through Zaner-Bloser, aimed at expanding students’ vocabulary knowledge and usage. This program incorporates various learning techniques such as context clues, word origins, and word analysis to help students understand and retain new words. By integrating this vocabulary program into your classroom, your students will develop a richer and more diverse vocabulary, enhancing their reading comprehension and overall communication skills.

Additional Features of Zane Bloser

Animated Letter Models

Zaner-Bloser provides animated letter models to help you learn and practice cursive handwriting. These models visually demonstrate the correct formation of each letter, making it easier for you to understand and replicate the proper strokes. As you follow the animated guide, you can develop correct muscle memory and prevent the formation of bad writing habits.

QR Codes

In addition to the animated letter models, Zaner-Bloser incorporates QR codes into their cursive learning resources. These QR codes can be scanned with your smartphone or tablet, instantly connecting you to online practice materials, videos, and other valuable instructional content. By using this feature, you can combine traditional handwriting practice with modern technology, making your learning experience more engaging and efficient.

Purchasing Zaner Bloser Products

Finding and purchasing Zaner Bloser cursive products is a simple and straightforward process. Amazon offers a range of cursive instructional materials, including workbooks and handwriting practice resources.

Another option for purchasing products is directly through their online store. The Zaner Bloser website offers a comprehensive collection of handwriting materials, catering to both manuscript and cursive handwriting styles. Their online store features various products, such as classroom packages, instant download materials, and resource kits, ensuring you find the ideal resources for your instructional needs.

For a more targeted approach, you can opt for the Zaner Bloser Handwriting © 2020 Cursive Classroom Resource Kit, which includes a wide selection of multisensory practice materials. This kit provides alphabet desk strips, wall strips, cursive cards, touch and trace cards, and home handwriting practice sheets, offering a well-rounded approach to learning and teaching cursive handwriting.

Remember to always double-check the product descriptions and customer reviews to ensure you are selecting the most suitable resources for your needs.

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