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Cursive Letter Joins

Common Cursive Letters Joins and Some Free Worksheets

Cursive letter joins are exactly as they sound, two letters joined together. It’s connecting letters that make up the definition of cursive writing.

To learn cursive (or teach it) students must learn common joining pairs. These connectors are in many words. A good example is “ee”.

You can’t spell “bee” “sleep” “breeze” and many other words without two e’s. So learning to join these letters together is important.

After you learn all the letters, and before you try writing full words, the next step is to begin forming two-letter pairs.

We’ve identified about 36 cursive joining letter pairs to help with many commonly used words. Here’s the list.

Most Common Two Letter Joins

requseshst th

Letter Join Worksheets

Below are free downloadable worksheets for letter joins (just click the image). We also have a pack of 131 cursive handwriting worksheets (all we’ve got). This includes all 38 joins we list above.

You can find all the worksheets inside and how to get it, right here.

cursive worksheets pack

Frequently Asked Questions (Letter Join FAQ)

What are the different letter joins?

Any two-letter pairs are a letter join. Common joins include “ee” “ie” “br” “ch” and many more we identify in our full list.

How do I join my letters?

Practice writing common letter joins as well as short words to get better at joining letters together. Doing this will improve your cursive writing.

Which letters shouldn’t or don’t join together?

There are a few letter pairs that never, or very rarely connect. One example is “tk” since there are no English words that join those letters together.